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You only need a tiny amount for both eyes and it f...

As a woman of a “certain age,” and a herbalist, I always look for quality products that will be both beneficial and gentle to my skin. The green tea, caffeine and ginseng certainly appealed to me. I have just started using products from YEOTH and find them to be excellent.  I would rate them at 5 Stars and you can get yours at this link!

Not just for humans – 6 inch Jack & Pup...

Not important that I love it — More important that my favorite dog loves them. These treats are great and I am more comfortable giving them to the dog versus some other snacks that are available. I have had problems in the past with other dog treats that are made with by-products and other fillers.  These are made from all good ingredients and are 100% digestible.  Gives me confidence in giving them to the dog in our...

Cotton is still the best for baby

Back in the day when my son was a baby, I was still using cotton diapers.  I loved them and used them for years after he was done with them.  Well, no more.  They are a thing of the past. However, I recently discovered the Snugglupagus Muslin Blankets on Amazon and I am very pleased and impressed.  The quality is outstanding and I am so pleased to wrap my grandson in them and feel so confident they will wrap him in comfort. ...

Ancient Thieves Story

There are many stories but the recurring theme is that during the Dark Ages (Bubonic Plague) there was reported to be a family (or group) of thieves and body robbers that were able to steal from the plague victims but did not get sick. When apprehended, the King’s men told them they would have a “lighter” sentence if they revealed their secret of how they did not get sick and die from the plague. Lighter means not being...

New items on site

I have so many more baskets and products to post.  I am happy that the weather is finally breaking.  More items are being posted in the store all the time.  Please let me know if you have any questions at all as I love doing custom work. Email me at or give me a call at 609-534-0087.

Is Fall in the air?

Hopefully, the heat and humidity will break and I’ll have the chance to “cook” up some products.  The bees have been busy making honey and wax.  If only I had 10% of their productivity.

New Products

We have enjoyed using the time this winter when it was so frigid to experiment with some new herbal recipes and salves. The Ancient Thieves line was also increased with a new liquid soap.  Watch for photos.

Bee Free Herbal Products

Coming soon — 14 South Main Street, Medford, NJ