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About Us

Becoming a beekeeper in 2010 opened up a new world of conservation goals.  The bees make the honey and beeswax, Pola is their laborer.  It’s not an easy time for bees right now and being part of the solution is important to her.   The honey and wax are bonuses for helping the environment and learning about pollination.

2012 saw the first honey harvested and bottled.

2013 saw the birth of the new line of Bee Free Botanical products starting with salves and leather dressing.  The list continues to grow.

It’s especially exciting to think about using the spent grains from Lower Forge Brewery in soaps and a beauty product line.  The “greener” we grow the busier we get.

Watch our website for types and availability of products including balms and tinctures, soaps and lotions.

Information, descriptions and/or products in this brochure or online are not intended to treat,
cure, prevent, and/or diagnose any disease or condition.  They are also not intended as prescriptions or be constructed as therapeutic.  The descriptions contained are for educational purposes only.  None of the statements in either the brochure or website have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.